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Vinyl cover helps keep dirt, rain and sun away from spare tire. Heavy nylon thread helps ensure weatherproofing of seams.

SKU #DescriptionFits Tire SizeMfg#
187-5100TIRE COVER MODEL O 21.5" WHT(480 x12) (530 x 12) Call for other sizes45349
187-5110TIRE COVER MODEL N 24" WHT(175/80-13) (185/80-13) Call for other sizes45348
187-5120TIRE COVER MODEL L 25.5" WHT(205/70-14) Call for other sizes45347
187-5130TIRE COVER MODEL J 27" WHT(205/75-15) (205/75-14) Call for other sizes45346
187-5140TIRE COVER MODEL I 28" WHT(215/75-14) Call for other sizes45345
187-5150TIRE COVER MODEL F 29" WHT(225/75-15) Call for other sizes45344
187-5160TIRE COVER MODEL E 29.75" WHT(235/75-16) Call for other sizes45343
187-5170TIRE COVER MODEL C 31.25" WHT(235-85-16) Call for other sizes45342
187-5180TIRE COVER MODEL B 32.25" WHT(255/85-16) (315/70-16) Call for other sizes45341
187-5190TIRE COVER MODELA 34" WHTALL 19.5" Wheels45340
187-5261TIRE COVER MODEL O 21.5" BLK(480 x12) (530 x 12) Call for other sizes45261
187-5260TIRE COVER MODEL N 24" BLK(175/80-13) (185/80-13) Call for other sizes45260
187-5259TIRE COVER MODEL L 25.5" BLK(205/70-14) Call for other sizes45259
187-5258TIRE COVER MODEL J 27" BLK(205/75-15) (205/75-14) Call for other sizes45258
187-5257TIRE COVER MODEL I 28" BLK(215/75-14) Call for other sizes45257
187-5256TIRE COVER MODEL F 29" BLK(225/75-15) Call for other sizes45256
187-5255TIRE COVER MODEL E 29.75" BLK(235/75-16) Call for other sizes45255
187-5254TIRE COVER MODEL C 31.25" BLK(235-85-16) Call for other sizes45254
187-5253TIRE COVER MODEL B 32.25" BLK(255/85-16) (315/70-16) Call for other sizes45253
187-5252TIRE COVER MODEL A 34" BLKALL 19.5" Wheels45252
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